I Killed Myself

Hello You. I’d like to share one of my secrets with you:

A few days ago… I killed myself. 

No, I am not writing to you as a ghost from the other side (that would’ve made this blog very interesting). Scrolling through social media during one of the last few days of 2015 I found a quote that inspired me to do something a little crazy.

If you want to kill yourself, kill what you don’t like. I had an old self that I killed. You can kill yourself too, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop living.

I happen to love quotes and I am starting to love my new self.

Life is too crazy to put into words but I like to try and capture some moments and feelings in the form of fancy wordplay. Or sometimes not so fancy wordplay. Some of the things I write come from the days where the darkest parts of my mind take over; others from moments where inspiration strikes and I simply have to write. My soul will not have it any other way.

Either way I hope that you can take something from every post I make, even if it is just that being crazy is okay.

All this coming from a girl who lost her mind. 



From a girl who lost her mind.

42 thoughts on “I Killed Myself

  1. Keep blogging and keep writing. You never know who you may be helping in life. I once actually committed suicide and was brought back by paramedics and doctors. I have since “killed myself” in the sense you speak. Your words may be a gift of life to someone who desperately needs to hear your heart. https://lighthousedannverner.wordpress.com/2012/10/16/i-committed-suicide-once-originally-published-july-2008/

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  2. Feels like we want to put life into words when we lost, when we are triing to start over and build better us.
    Hope that from killing yourself you get new bright and joyful chapter of your life!

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  3. I think that life is always about deconstructing and reconstructing ourselves. We kill ourselves so that the part of us that needs to grow will have space. Out of our own death, we find new life.

    Keep on writing

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  4. I love this idea very much. I kinda did the same: only in my case it’s more a pushing to the back of the mind a self which hurt me a lot. Instead, it’s included, sort of like a Venn diagram of the mind, in a new identity which includes all the selves I never was, as well as all the selves that struggled to be: selves I realise now I needed to be.

    Beautiful writing, you do. Am glad I stumbled across you.

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  5. This is perfect, something I will send to my sister – who NEEDS IT. I have constantly been trying to TEACH her to find herself, but she needs to KILL the old self too… lol.

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