A Life Letter to my Future Kids 

I don’t know much about life yet but let me tell you what I’ve learned so far:
There’s no right way to be human; there’s no right time to change. 

Life is a speeding roller coaster and it will go at any moment then come to a sudden stop or just break down and slowly stop the ride. 

Some days you will want to die, some days you’ll just be sad and some days you’ll be even sadder. 

You’ll get hurt, people will lie, your friends will leave you and you’ll be all on your own. After a while you’ll prefer it this way. Your heart will break many times but you’ll learn that it’s strong and it will heal everytime. 

The thing is nothing will last, feelings come and go, some days you’ll feel everything and other days you’ll feel nothing. I can’t tell you which is better but I will tell you to enjoy both. 

Learn from your heartbreaks and get up when you’re on the ground because you’re not going to find what you’re looking for there. 

When you do find what you’re looking for you’ll realize you want more so don’t stress about not getting what you want too much. Don’t hold on to what you have too tightly either, letting go is good. 

Rachel Firmin said that if I had known the freedom of letting go I would never have held on. 

If you must hold on to something hold on to what makes you happy, spend time in spaces that brings your heart joy and dance when the music is good. And if not; change the song. 

Do stupid things, because why the hell not. Don’t be in a hurry to grow up, love things with your heart and not your mind. Use your mind to make decisions and your heart to dream. Bite off more than you can chew and do brave things even when you’re scared. 

I hope that when your roller coaster ride stops your cheeks will be flushed, your hair will be messy and you’ll know more about life than I do now.