From Almost 20 to Over 20 

This post might not be everyone’s cup of tea… well, maybe because it’s about alcohol. 

I’m almost in my mid 20s and I’m slowly starting to feel myself growing up. Maybe because so many of my stories start with “remember when we used to…” or end with “I can’t believe we did that”. 

Or maybe because so many of my friends are starting to quit drinking. 

I so vibrantly remember my 16 year old self’s first few times clubbing. The anxiety and excitement of drinking sourz shots and mixing vodka with soda and wondering if I’m drunk yet. 

I hear songs on the radio that used to play every night in every club. Songs that would stop my friends and I mid-sentence cause we HAD to go dance. 

Now does getting older mean no more drinking? For me it has become more day drinking. It’s gone from brandy and coke to wiskey and water. It’s gone from cheap beers on happy hour to wine tastings on Saturdays. 

It’s gone from “I’m so stressed about my test tomorrow, lets go out” to “I’ve had a long day, I need a drink” 

I still think my 21 year old self, who could get into the front of the line at any club cause she’s known all the bouncers since she was 16, is the coolest girl in town. I just know she had a lot to learn. 

Now she’s all grown up and knows a lot and life is different but I can’t helping thinking about her sometimes. 

And wondering… what would have happened if she never grew up? 


From a girl who lost her mind.

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