Selfie Sticks and too much Lipstick 

I am so sick of living for other people. 

You know what I love about myself when I’m drunk? I can do anything I want without caring. Sure drunk people are annoying but… they don’t care. Only sober people do. 

So in this world where we say yes to others so often that we forget we’re saying no to ourselves; I sometimes have to ask myself: what would drunk you do? 

I’ve had so many nights with my best friend in the 24 hour Steers across the road from the club – we would just sit there at 4am with our shoes off and lipstick messy. People would walk past us and giggle but we’d barely notice. We were laughing too hard ourselves as we ordered an extra large fries with LOTS of salt. 

Sober me would never do that. 

Maybe we should be our drunk selves more often. Maybe one day at work your drunk self should come out and tell your boss that you’re not working late this Friday because you want to go to the beach. Maybe this Friday your drunk self should say yes to ice cream at the beach because she doesn’t care what she eats. 

So next time you feel like whipping out that selfie stick to catch your best angle – do it. Do it despite what anyone thinks. 

Do what makes you happy and if anyone laughs just laugh along. At least you’re having a good time. 

Have more good times – that’s what your drunk self would do! 

You’ve Changed

Some people think that change is scary; but some people never change and I think that’s pretty scary. 

As much as I don’t want to be stuck in the same place forever, I don’t want to be stuck as the same person forever. 

I’m sure pretty much everyone has heard the phrase “you’ve changed” at some point in their lives, and usually not in a good way. Almost in a way as if to say: “change back!” 

But why would you change back? 

I have changed into a whole new person many times in my life, but I have also made small, almost unnoticeable changes. And I have learned that even the bad changes are good. They made me someone new, someone wiser, someone more experienced and I don’t want to be my old self ever again. 

Maybe change should not be seen as going from good to bad, but rather good to great. 
I don’t think change means destroying the old things; but rather focusing on building new things. 

When I look back on my life everything is so different, and I just can’t wait for it to be different once more.