Oh, The Things She’d Say…

What would you say to your younger self? The lottery numbers, of course… 

On a more serious note, I was lying in bed the other night and my brain went on one of those crazy trips where it thought up another imaginary situation. You know, things that could never happen but are so fun to dream about anyway. 

That night it was about what would happen if my 16-year-old self met me today. Would we get along? Would she be happy to see what I’ve become? I was lying there and thinking about all the dreams she had, and how none of them came true. And how I would explain that to her. 

I guess I’d start by telling her to stop wanting to become an adult so badly. Being an adult is nothing like it seemed, she earns more money now, yet somehow she is still broke. 

I’d tell her to relax, nothing she worries about now is going matter in a year. I’d tell her that even all those things she spent hours of thoughts on became nothing – or turned out completely different than she imagined them. I’d tell her that things happened which she never could have imagined. 

I’d tell that boys still suck, but she’ll find a nice one just as soon as she stops looking. 

I’d tell her not to get upset when she can’t have Mcdonalds over the weekend, one day she’ll have Mcdonalds for breakfast, lunch and dinner and with dinner happening at 2 am she’d give anything for a home cooked meal. 

I’d tell her that she still hasn’t found herself, but it’s okay, she’s not lost. She’s just wandering. 

Then I guess I would mention that she should stop trying to diet. It’s many years later and she’s still fat, so just go ahead and eat those fries and be happy. Never eat warmed up fries though, they suck. 

After this discussion she would probably be so confused, but maybe she would look at her teenage life a little differently. 

And then, just as this thought ended and I finally closed my eyes… my brain came with another thought. 

What if I could meet my future self now? Oh, the things she’d say… 

STOP! What are you Doing? 

My boss said the following the other day: “Some people don’t want to come to work because they want to spend time with their loved ones. That’s so stupid!” And my mind just about exploded… 

I get that money makes the world go around and we all have bills to pay, but when did work become so important that we put it before anything else? Before the ones we love, before the things we love, before our life? 

My friend had to get an operation a few months ago and he argued with the doctors because he did not want to miss a week of work. I could not understand the logic… it was his health -it was life or death – and he put work first. 

Death is such a big deal yet we hardly think about it. How many times do you have to hear “you only live once” before it will sink in?

The world needs to rethink its priorities. 
Now I’m not saying we should all go and quit our jobs, I’m just saying that maybe you should take a Sunday off, go to the doctor when it’s needed and don’t feel guilty if you’re going out for ice cream with the kids. 

Do you really just want to pay bills and die? 

In another morning meeting with my boss she mentioned how she had every detail of her life planned out; how she had money put away for incase “this” happened, how she was stressed about how “that” could happend so she put another million away. She went on about how good all of this is and how the rest of us should start planning for the future and start putting money away. 

But the entire time all I kept thinking was… why

If my boss and her entire family got into a car accident tomorrow on the way to dropping their kids at school – and died – all that money she worked so hard for and saved up would mean nothing. 

I do not have the need to plan out every little detail of my life when it could end at any moment. I like the unpredictability of life, it adds a little jazz. 

By now you probably see me as a reckless money spender who barely shows up to work, but in reality I love my job. I feel proud when I’ve made money and I do sometimes put work first. But not all the time. 

I just know that life is more important than making a living… and quite frankly I like to remind people about that. 

So here’s your reminder: go LIVE!