Depression III

I think it’s eating my soul

As I once again fall

Oh now I feel it all

I was just fine this morning…

I’d tell them what was wrong 

If only I could figure out what’s going on
Come on, hold on! 

Why aren’t you strong? 
I stare blankly at the wall…the darkness looks so complicated 

I think about everything and how much I hate it. 
I don’t see it now but I know somehow a good day will come and although it won’t stay

It will be a moment… 
a moment free of sadness, a moment free of pain and a moment free of numbness. 
A free moment. 


How many times have you felt like you don’t matter?

How many times have you been asked what’s the matter? 

How many times have you lied and replied with I’m fine

How many times have you wanted to die?

How many times have you died… emotionally?

Killed yourself 

Cut yourself 

Broke yourself 

Hurt yourself 

Had no words – unable to speak, unable to move. 

Just think. 

Just… Depression


I fought for you, I fought for us


I always forgot 

to fight for me. 

All I wanted was to be happy 

but with you it was never a calm sea, 

just a dreadful storm

and all I could do was sit back and once again watch you

rip out my soul.