Depression II

It’s the monster that creeps in the night,

You can also see it during the day
It’s the thing that fights you everytime you try to feel okay

It’s the internal tears on a perfect day,

It’s the hurt you can’t push away

It’s the scars you create in your own heart

It’s the countless times you fall apart 

It’s the neverending dissappointment and pain

For reasons you can’t explain 
It comes with unpredictable timing, 

It’s stronger than you think
If you don’t end it, it will eventually end everything 


From a girl who lost her mind.

18 thoughts on “Depression II

  1. Combating depression is a conscious work in motion. It is hereditary in my family. I’ve seen my motger and sister battle with it and everybody has different triggers. Being aware of this is important.
    Keep praying… Laughing… Hope.

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