Thank Goodness you are Sick! 

If we never became sick… Our bodies would just die without warning. 

I came across this statement in a video of Prince Ea, one of the most motivational people you’ll ever find. He used this statement to make another point, but it got me thinking about a lot of things… And I think I can convince you that being sick is a good thing. 

No one ever really enjoys being sick, I mean you might like having a day or two off of work, but for the most part we are all in a hurry to get better and move on with our lives. 

By being in a hurry to get better we often look straight for the solution; instead of thinking about what caused the sickness. Getting sick is our body’s final cry for help, it is a way to force us to stop continuing with our normal ways and take care of our bodies. 

Isn’t this the same with mental sickness? Or any sickness that comes into our lives; like jealousy or frustration? Are these not cries for help to stop and take care of ourselves too? 

You see, when you catch a cold you look at a few possible causes, like having a sick co-worker or not wearing your jacket when going outside. You then take a few days off to get better, a few supplements to strengthen your immune system, and you go back into the cold of winter being a bit more careful than before. 

So maybe this is how we should approach all the illnesses in our lives. When you are feeling sad, don’t complain about how bad your life is, rather look at the causes. Is it because of the people you surround yourself with or the job you have? Treat this illness and avoid it’s causes in the future. 

If you didn’t get angry everytime that guy did you wrong; you would probably have ended up marrying him. Thank goodness for your body warning you and keeping you back. 

From now on be happy for any sickness you might end up with, thank your body for warning you and instead of being in a hurry to get better remember to look at the reasons for this sickness and prevent yourself from catching it again. 

Be your own personal daily doctor, no one else is qualified to do this because no one knows you like you know yourself. 

For today I would just like to prescribe you happiness, free of charge. Don’t be afraid to take it! 


From a girl who lost her mind.

16 thoughts on “Thank Goodness you are Sick! 

  1. L.O.V.E your post and will repost tomorrow on my blog!! Our body has its own way how to communicate but we forgot how to listen and understand it. We want quick fixes, relief right now and we do not realise that often we just shut down whatever we were supposed to ‘learn’ from our body and then we are surprised when something else, with greater magnitude appears. Sometimes getting ill just means our body needs us to slow down and get some rest. Our mind wouldn’t allow, so the body slowly makes sure it gets what it needs 😉 thanks for this post

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  2. What a positive outlook! I believe that sickness and pain has a purpose. God definitely designed our bodies with such amazing processes. If we listen, our bodies will tell us what they need.

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  3. Beautiful post!

    Lately I’m suffering for a lot of stress mixed with a good amount of sadness (life and so). Even if it is a mental thing, my body is making me notice it more than ever, to the point of making me avoid certain toxic people and situations.

    It makes you notice how wonderful is to feel fine, because we don’t really apreciate it unti we don’t feel that OK, sometimes we give it for granted.

    I’m looking forward to read more from you. I hope you feel better soon.



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  4. I agree. I have been in situations that have helped me to make different choices. I’d much rather to have not been in the situation, but I guess the healing was necessary. Now if only some things healed or had answers much quicker. 🙂

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  5. What a lovely and gentle post. Not only did it have those two qualities it also advocates a sound common sense approach to illness. I’m pleased I read it. Thank you!

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