The Magic of Fiction

Someone told me today that I’m not right in the head. I guess writers are all a little insane…

I remember how much fun I had with my sister when we were kids. It was just the two of us but we would pretend we are characters from our favourite shows. It felt so real and so freeing. Maybe that’s why kids are so much happier. 

Fiction is an escape. We enjoy made-up stories because we find life unsatisfactory. Sometimes fiction even makes more sense than reality. 

I love getting drawn in by a good story. It’s like living another life for a few hours. I’ve lived in a secret land called “Narnia”; I’ve participated in a brutal fight called “The Hunger Games”; I’ve gone to a school for wizards; I’ve fallen in love with a boy who has cancer and cried when he died. 

What wonderful madness. 

So yes, I guess I am not right in the head. But I guess that’s a good thing. 


From a girl who lost her mind.

31 thoughts on “The Magic of Fiction

  1. Fiction is indeed magical, how by the scratch of the pen a writer can translate the reader to a new realm existing in the pages of a book, until the reader is lost in this new world like Alice in the rabbit hole.

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      1. I love your view of fiction. As I grew up, it was an escape from the fallouts of abuse. I don’t find living in fiction from time to time crazy, I find it therapeutic and fun. Now if one never came out of fiction, that would be crazy.

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  2. Fiction is truly magical and what I love about it, we can twist and move the story in our head without worrying much the effect to the characters in compare to reality base story. I am also a self confessed insane … Lol

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