And That’s How You Hurt Me

I woke up several times during that first night with an aching in my chest. It took me a few seconds to remember where the pain was coming from… you broke my heart

The next morning as I was driving to school I tried to focus on the one thing that has always kept me sane: music. 

I was singing along and out of nowhere I lost my breath and started crying. I could not stop sobbing and when I finally got myself to calm down I tried to focus on the music again but not a single word would come out of my mouth. 

So I got to school and spoke to as many people I could find, laughed at as many jokes as I could think of. “It’s going to be okay”… I convinced myself. But just seeing you for a second made it all start again. 

On the way home I yelled the lyrics to Taylor Swift’s songs this time – refusing to let any thoughts through my head. But then I got home and it was quiet and for a second I gave in. That’s when it all came rushing in… 

I was crying uncontrollably, I fell down on the dark couch and did not recognize the sound that was coming from my chest. It hurt so bad – I had to beg myself to stop. Instead of getting words out I got more tears. 

But then… all of a sudden… the tears just stopped. And so did the pain. But most importantly – so did my feelings for you. 

And that’s how I got over you. 


I wrote this piece after my first heartbreak. This is the first time I discovered how therapeutic writing can be. 

Thank you for all the support on my blog so far… Your likes and comments and follows motivate me so much. One of the best feelings for a writer is to receive positive feedback on their work. 

Lots of love! 


From a girl who lost her mind.

28 thoughts on “And That’s How You Hurt Me

  1. There’s something about writing that makes pain bearable. It’s when you share it that you realize that you’re not alone.

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  2. I literally did the same thing on my blog the other day and I feel soo much better already. It’s soo nice to know I’m not alone by people who are willing to share their experiences and openly express the pain they felt. 👍

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  3. Oh the memeries are flowing past me as I read your post. I have at least ten thick books filled with words, journals, keeping me sane from everyone and everything. I used to write in periods but never for sharing. Only for me. And I never read what I wrote. But I know there are so much pain hidden in those pages… Xx

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  4. Thank you so much for sharing this, and with such honesty and depth of feeling. May you find happiness that will totally eclipse the pain.

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